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Miami Swim Week is coming soon! make sure you plan all your manufacturing with time...

Private label swimwear Miami


Thinking of launching your very own private label swimwear collection?

There are many swimwear manufacturing companies that will offer you private label services, however most are very expensive and limit your options. Sun Colors Miami offers low MOQ's along with nice options to ensure your start up collection has variety and quality. Swimwear manufacturing requires that one pay attention to every single detail and this is what sets us apart from all the others. We keep you informed every step of the way and ask the questions that need to be asked to ensure your happy with you collection. Miami Swimwear is always fashionable and colorful...

Don't have your own designs?

We offer personalized design services for your private label swimwear brand! see a color pattern you love? we will personalize that designs for your brand. When it comes to custom swimwear designs we offer many options. 

Swimwear Patterns

Many of our customers don't have their own swimwear patters. Other swimwear manufacturers charge a lot of money to start ups who don't have their own patterns. We will make custom patterns to make your samples and we have very low start up fees.

Miami Swim Week 2019

Miami Swim Week 2019 is around the block! lets get you started with your samples. The sample process  can take 20-30 days - so the sooner we start on your  swimwear collection the better. 


How much are the swimwear samples?

Swimwear samples are priced at $30 for each sample. 

Do I need to have my own  patterns? 

No, we will create swimwear patterns to use for your samples.

What are the cost involved for custom designs?

Vectorized custom designs are currently priced at $60 each. 

How much would it cost me to make a logo or vectorize my logo? 

Logo fees are only $80.

How long will the sample process take?

Samples currently are taking 20-30 days.

Are there any shipping fees?

Yes shipping of samples are done via FEDEX or DHL and these fees usually cost $65-$85.

Where are all samples and swimwear manufactured?

Our quality swimwear manufacturing operations are located in Colombia.